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Fast, Reliable, Cold: BioLegend Automates to Meet Same-Day Pharma Needs 

From older infrastructure that was struggling to keep up, to a state-of-art manufacturing and distribution headquarters, BioLegend’s San Diego, California, operations can now reliably meet customer’s same-day order fulfillment needs. “This system is revolutionary,” said Nan Jiang, Vice President of Operations, BioLegend. “Bastian Solutions engineered the competitive advantage for us.”

BioLegend is a biotech company with a mission to accelerate research and discovery by providing the highest quality products. As business grows, the requirements and values for superior customer support meant they needed an extremely efficient and effective automated retrieval and storage solution that operated in a cold environment to ensure that they had the appropriate quality and productivity to meet customers’ demand.  

Leveraging Bastian’s consulting team, an operations master plan helped to determine optimal space planning, secure product transport and adequate operations accessibility leading to technology and layout selection. “Without Bastian and Exacta’s adaptability, we wouldn’t have been able to do it” – Andrew Walter, BioLegend Warehouse and Logistics Manager. Ultimately, the system that delivered a 6X increase in throughput and 75% increase in inventory capacity features a combination of OPEX Perfect Pick HD (goods to person system) in a refrigerated space, Kardex VLM (vertical lift module), Bastian Solutions Conveyor, Exacta WES (warehouse execution system) and various supporting automation technologies.

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“We engaged with Bastian to help us design the solution that made the most sense for our company,”Bill Kullback, CFO, BioLegend.

Key Technologies

“I think of it as, [Exacta WES] is the brain to our system, our order fulfillment process, whereas Perfect Pick is the heart of our order fulfillment process,” Andrew Walter, BioLegend Warehouse and Logistics Manager.



“We run order fulfillment on demand. Anytime a customer calls whether it’s 2 pm or 10am, we [can] fill their order the same day,” said Walter, BioLegend Warehouse and Logistics Manager.

  • Increased throughput 6X 
  • Increased capacity 75%
  • Same-day order fulfillment 
    • Pick, pack and ship orders the same day for 10:00 AM delivery
  • Integration of an automated solution within a refrigerated environment
  • On time and on budget system integration and delivery


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  • BioLegend-San-Diego-CA-Kardex-remstar-VLM-thumb
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