Medical Device Distribution

Process automation for improved customer experience

Bastian Solutions experts integrated new automated process and technologies for a multinational pharmaceutical, consumer goods and medical device producer after they reached out to help address numerous warehouse operational challenges. Their previous system had high labor requirements, poor order visibility and presentation, and poor data integration between their various software systems.

With their new automated processes and technologies, Bastian Solutions was able to decrease labor requirements by around 30% while improving customer experience, system reliability, data availability for better business intelligence.

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Medical Device Distribution

Key Technologies



  • Decreased labor requirements by ~30% through effective process automation
  • Reduced operation complexity and cost
  • Better utilization of labor and assets
  • More reliable processes and business systems 
  • Better customer experience through shipment consolidation, improved order visibility and improved order presentation
  • Improved data sharing and business intelligence through fully integrated technology; controls to the WCS, WMS and ERP

System Renderings

  • Healthcare-pharmaceutical-multinational-manufacturer-facility-render-thumb
  • Healthcare-pharmaceutical-multinational-manufacturer-workstations-shipping-outbound-thumb
  • Healthcare-pharmaceutical-multinational-manufacturer-mezzanine-packaging-area-thumb
  • Healthcare-pharmaceutical-multinational-manufacturer-AutoStore-system-render-thumb
  • Healthcare-pharmaceutical-multinational-manufacturer-render-carton-erector-label-scan-thumb
  • Healthcare-pharmaceutical-multinational-manufacturer-carton-flow-pick-module-render-thumb
  • Healthcare-pharmaceutical-multinational-manufacturer-Autostore-workstations-render-thumb

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