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Roche Increases Pack Rates & Reduces Overtime

Roche Diagnostics Operations (RDO) compared its warehousing practices to best practices in the warehousing industry. The analysis revealed opportunities to improve business processes and efficiencies by standardizing across all warehouses. By implementing a more automated system, Roche was able to increase pack rates, reduce operating costs, and gain better visibility of carton-level details.

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Addition of a 7,400 square foot mezzanine and reconfiguration of the packaging area created additional space for product and storage

Throughput was increased from 14,000 orders a day to roughly 20,000 orders a day 

Reduced labor needs by 18 percent (110 to 90)

Added a human machine interface to for visibility of conveyor status and controls of equipment

Greatly reduced downtime, jams and product damage on the packaging and shipping sortation lines

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