Pallet Shuttle AS/RS

Reduce the risks of forklifts with pallet shuttle AS/RS

Pallet shuttle AS/RS solutions provide maximum efficiency with deep storage lanes and also reduces the need for forklifts to store and retrieve pallets. By using a cart system to transport pallets into the buffer, forklifts no longer need to travel beyond the shipping dock and lane entry. Shuttles can move pallets in and out of storage as well as the benefit of some solutions providing "lifter" options to move pallets vertically through any level of storage. Pallet shuttle AS/RS provides an automated solution that innovates traditional storage and retrieval operations with unparalleled speed and accuracy.



Featured Pallet Shuttle AS/RS

DAMBACH  Compact Shuttle

DAMBACH Compact Shuttle

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Pallet Runner AS/RS

Pallet Runner

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AutoSatMover AS/RS


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See why Pallet Shuttle AS/RS is right for you

Low Downtime
Reduce downtime
Pallet shuttle AS/RS can run 24/7 with minimal downtime

Easy Maintenance
Ease of maintenance
with decking in every aisle at every level in system

High Inventory
High density storage
Storage depths unattainable by traditional rack systems while maintaining selectivity

Configure to your specifications
Highly configurable for various load sizes and weights

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