Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor

Ensure unit load transports are timed efficiently

In a distribution or manufacturing operation, accumulation conveyors are commonly used to transport and accumulate cartons or unit loads so that they are efficiently queued up and fed into sorting, wrapping, palletizing, strapping or various others processes. Each zone uses a photo eye to detect the presence of a product. The conveyors provide a buffer zone where a steady supply of product can be oriented or held back when downstream processes are not ready. In addition, they can be used to smooth out fluctuations in production line rates.

Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor prevents products from touching in-transit

In order to ensure that products do not touch each other while they accumulate, zero pressure accumulation conveyor is used.  Zero pressure accumulation conveyor features a photo-eye sensor in each zone which sends a product presence signal to a zone controller. If there is a product present in the immediate downstream zone, then the zone controller prevents the drive rollers from activating. Once the zone controller receives a signal indicating that the next zone is clear of product, the drive rollers are activated thereby conveying the product to the next zone.   There are multiple methods of releasing product downstream with Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor. The standard method will have an empty zone between each product. For quicker throughput all of the product can be released together in a “slug” mode. There are methods in between these two techniques called “cascade” release that have programmable timed releases between products. Each of these release methods provide specific throughput characteristics.

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ZiPline Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyors

AC Motor Drive Roller Zero Pressure Live Roller Accumulation Conveyor

–The Roller Zero Pressure AC Conveyor (ZiPline Model RZPAC) is a narrow belt driven roller conveyor that uses zero pressure logic to accumulate product in discrete zones. Tread rollers carry the product and are driven by a narrow seamless belt which is actuated up and down pneumatically by zone. The high strength belt allows for long conveyor lengths using a single AC motor.

DC Motor Drive Roller Zero Pressure Live Roller Accumulation Conveyor

–The Roller Zero Pressure DC Conveyor (ZiPline Model RZPDC) is very quiet, low profile, and modular for system flexibility. This conveyor is often used to accumulate cartons and totes. Each zone has adjustable speed to pull gaps. The brushless 24 V DC motor provides dynamic breaking to keep heavier loads within a zone. This type of conveyor is very energy efficient and low profile which simplifies the installation.

Curve Conveyor: DC Motor Drive Roller Zero Pressure Accumulation

– The Roller Zero Pressure Curve DC Conveyor (ZiPline Model RZCDC) is a “true” tapered roller curve which provides accurate carton tracking around corners. Unlike many roller curve conveyors, this model is a true taper which prevents products skewing or rotating as they travel through the curve. The model is used for accumulation around the curve, The RZCDC is available in 30°, 45 °, 60°, and 90° curve angles.


Hytrol Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyors

1.9” Diameter Zero Pressure Accumulating Live Roller Conveyor

The Hytrol model ABEZ is a photoelectric eye controlled, horizontal live roller conveyor designed for applications that require accumulation of products without a build-up of line pressure. The singulation feature allows products to be easily removed from any location on conveyor.  Tread rollers are driven by a flat belt centrally located.  This belt is actuated up and down by pneumatically controlled pressure frames.  This conveyor features Hytrol’s patented EZ-Logic controls system.

1.9” Diameter Zero Pressure Accumulating Live Roller DC Conveyor

The Hytrol model 190-E24EZ Accumulating Conveyor uses a series of 24 VDC motors to drive the tread rollers, eliminating the need for drive belts, chains, or line shafts. Quiet operation, zero pressure accumulation, and ease of maintenance and installation are just some of the advantages.  This conveyor features Hytrol’s patented EZ-Logic controls system.


Custom Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyors

If you have an application and it has unique requirements that really don’t fit standard applications, please let our “Customs Group” take a look at it.

Zero Pressure Accumulation conveyor

Curved zero pressure accumulation conveyor


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