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Dynamic robotic end of arm tooling solutions

The key to every successful robotic work cell implementation is the robust and functional design of the end of arm tool. Bastian Solutions places a strong focus on our end of arm tool designs and are proud to have implemented some of the most innovative and reliable end of arm tools in the industry.

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Robotic End of Arm Tooling Configurations:

From the most basic off the shelf vacuum tools to the most complex hybrid tools, Bastian has the proven experience to provide you the optimum tool for your application. Common configurations include:

  • Mechanical / Pneumatic Gripper
  • Vacuum Gripping System
  • Force Sensing
  • Suction Cups
Vision-Guided Bin Picking End of Arm Tool

Telescoping Picking Tool


Benefits of Robotic End of Arm Tooling:

    • Gentle product handling
    • Increased system reliability
    • High uptime
    • High capacity
    • Reduced production costs
    • Reduced ergonomic issues
    • Flexibility - tool can be customized to meet your specific system needs
Full Row Case Palletizing End of Arm Tool

Case Palletizing Tool


Applications for Robotic End of Arm Tooling:

    • Bag Palletizing
    • Case Palletizing
    • Consumer Product Handling
    • Machine Tending
    • Full Layer Depalletizing
    • Pallet Handling
    • Precision Component Handling
    • Heavy Load Handling
    • Automatic Tool Changers
Multi Part-Gripping End of Arm Tool

Multi-Part Gripping Tool


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