J. Knipper and Company Case Study | Pharmaceutical Fulfillment


Maximizing distribution and fulfillment capabilities for continued growth 

J. Knipper and Company is one of the nation's largest third-party logistics (3PL) service providers for the pharmaceutical industry, providing management of product sampling for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device professionals.

To facilitate year-after-year growth and maintain customer satisfaction, J. Knipper and Company expanded their distribution capacity westward with a new facility located in Charlestown, Indiana. Knipper’s long-standing partnership with Bastian Solutions was once again utilized to maximize distribution and fulfillment capabilities.


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J. Knipper and Company

Key Technologies



  • Increased total picking throughput per hour
  • Savings on time and labor by implementing goods-to-person technology
  • Increase in order accuracy - a vital aspect of the pharmaceutical business
  • Energy savings by using the Perfect Pick iBots, which are powered by ultra-capacitors
  • System has the capacity to manage more than 50,000 SKUs
  • Increased storage capacity (10,400 Perfect Pick storage totes)
  • Reduced order cycle time
  • Increased security – high-end items safely stored in OPEX Perfect Pick
  • cGMP, PDMA NABP & DEA compliant; VAWD accredited


  • Knipper-facility-rendering-thumbnail
  • Knipper_case_study_perfect_pick_box_on_conveyor-thumb
  • Knipper_case_study_perfect_pick_automated_goods_to_person_picking_stationPNG-thumb
  • Knipper_case_study_perfect_pick_automated_goods_to_person_picking_system_2.1-thumb
  • Knipper_case_study_perfect_pick_automated_goods_to_person_picking_system_with_put_to_lightPNG-thumb
  • Knipper_case_study_put_to_light_order_fulfillment_picking2-thumb
  • Knipper_case_study_perfect_pick_automated_goods_to_person_picking_systemPNG-thumb
  • Knipper-Case-Study-perfect-pick-HD-iBOT-thumb
  • Exacta_WES_HMI
  • Knipper-case-study-automated-order-fulfillment-conveyor2-thumb
  • knipper_case_study_order_fulfillment_boxes_on_conveyor_curve-thumb
  • knipper_case_study_order_fulfillment_boxes_on_conveyor_license_scan-thumb
  • 20191021-Knipper_Case_Study-DSC_8529PNG-thumb2
  • pick module
  • pick to light order fulfillment in a pick module
  • secure caging for quarantine area - pharmaceutical 3pl
  • DEA-approved security cage for controlled substances - pharmaceutical 3pl
  • Knipper_case_study_pallet_rackingPNG-thumb
  • Raymond fork truck, pallet racking
  • carton erector
  • Knipper_case_study_carton_rack_and_raymond_lift_truckPNG-thumb
  • Knipper-case-study-cold-storage-freezer-thumb
  • Knipper-case-study-facility-walkthrough-photo-thumb
  • Knipper-case-study-facility-walkthrough-photo-2-thumb

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