Molnlycke Health Care

Mölnlycke Integrates Robotic Palletizing System in New Facility

When Mölnlycke Health Care, a world-leading manufacturer of single-use wound care and surgical products, decided to build a new manufacturing facility in Brunswick, Maine, they knew they had to outfit it with best-in-class material handling equipment. Mölnlycke turned to Bastian Solutions to integrate a system which would efficiently transport and palletize SKUs while maintaining clean room standards on its production floor.


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Mölnlycke Health Care

Key Technologies

ServUs System Storage


  • The robotic palletizer completes over 16 pallets per day with room for growth
  • Pallets are stacked to over 90 inches without safety concerns of manually stacking tall pallets
  • Scanners check to ensure cases are for the correct batch
  • A single warehouse operator can manage the palletizer and other warehouse duties
  • Automated sluice maintains the positive pressure in the clean room area
  • Shuttleworth Slip-Torque conveyor allows accumulation of product in the clean room without a belt running underneath the cases
  • Ceiling-hung conveyors to allow for operator movement and material delivery to happen underneath
Full pallet discharge

Photo Gallery

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