MODEX 2020

Another successful MODEX!

Thank you to everyone who joined us at MODEX 2020 in Atlanta. If you were unable to attend, we invite you to learn more about the technology featured in our booth below or read a short recap in our blog: MODEX 2020: A Lesson in Resiliency

Our goal as material handling and supply chain engineers is to provide reliable, world-class solutions using the best technology available that will help your business thrive for years to come. We pride ourselves on providing data-driven designs that are flexible and scalable, along with excellent customer service and support. 

With all there was to see and do, we appreciate everyone who took the time to stop by our booth, meet our team and discuss your material handling needs. 


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Featured Technology


These innovative technologies were featured in our booth at MODEX 2020. Contact us to learn about how our consulting and systems integration services can help you discover the right mix of automation to fulfill your needs.



An AutoStore system is comprised of 4 main components: a structural grid, delivery robots, storage bins, and an operator port. Products are stored in stacked bins within the dense aluminum grid. As a product is needed to fulfill an order, the system software and controls alert a robot to find the bin containing the item. Bastian Solutions is one of the top AutoStore integrators in the world. 


Goods to Robot Picking

Bastian Solutions integrates some of the most cutting-edge robotic picking solutions perfect for goods-to-robot operations. Our solutions are capable of picking the most complex piles of products. These systems can be designed in a modular fashion allowing new products to be easily introduced into a system and identified by the robot.


Conveyor & Sortation

Whether you are conveying individual products, full cases, or pallets, we can recommend the appropriate equipment, technology, and material flow layout. Our engineering team designs conveyor systems using 3D modeling tools, allowing you to visualize and simulate how your final system will operate.


Exacta Supply Chain Software

As an independent integrator, we offer complete, scalable warehouse software solutions that can also be implemented as separate components. The Exacta supply chain software suite can interface with other systems as well as be implemented as a complete solution to your business needs.


As a Toyota Advanced Logistics company and member of Toyota Industries Group, Bastian Solutions is proud to work alongside our sister companies to provide the largest, most diverse portfolio of material handling products and services along with the largest support network in North America. 



Watch Our Seminar:

How DICK’S Sporting Goods Wins with Omni-Channel Automation

Monday, March 9 | 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM | Theater D

Presented By:






Greg Conner

Vice President
Global Sales
Bastian Solutions

Matt Kuper

National Accounts
Bastian Solutions


DICK'S Sporting Goods operates 729 locations across the United States as well as a growing e-commerce presence. The company recently expanded its distribution facility in Conklin, NY to not only service 160 retail stores, but also offer same-day shipping for direct-to-consumer order fulfillment. To achieve true omni-channel status, the distribution center leverages a goods-to-person system, warehouse execution software and unique inbound and outbound processes to efficiently handle inventory. From design through integration, learn how the company selected the right technologies and how direct-to-store and direct-to-consumer orders are processed through the facility from receiving, to storage to shipping.


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