MODEX 2022


Another Great MODEX!

Bastian Solutions was honored to exhibit at MHI’s MODEX 2022 trade show on March 28-31 in Atlanta. Our booth featured the brand new ML2 autonomous vehicle and gave guests a first-hand look at a scaled-down version of one of our systems! The system featured Bastian Solutions’ conveyor, robotic bin picking with AI vision, the ML2 and an AutoStore grid complete with the newest Black Line bots.

During the four-day show, we also hosted two educational sessions – the first discussed automation ROI and how to make the best investment. The second gave an overview of goods to person, automated guided vehicle (AGV) and autonomous mobile robot (AMR) technologies and their applications in unique operations. If you weren't able to attend, these seminars will be available to view on demand.

Check out the links below for more information on our sessions, the booth and all of the solutions and services we offer.

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Featured Technology


VIsit our booth at MODEX 2022 to see these innovative technologies in action. Contact us to learn about how our consulting and systems integration services can help you discover the right mix of automation to fulfill your needs.



AutoStore is an innovative goods to person storage solution that allows complete configurability and flexibility. This solution is a great for a variety of industries, including ecommerce, omnichannel facilities, 3PLs and parts management. Bastian Solutions is one of the top AutoStore integrators in the world. 


Goods to Robot Picking

Bastian Solutions integrates cutting-edge robotic picking solutions perfect for goods-to-robot operations. With AI-enabled vision systems, our robotic piece picking and bin picking systems are capable of accurately and reliably picking from the most complex piles of products.



Industrial AGVs and AMRs excel at safely and consistently transporting products in manufacturing and distribution operations. Our vehicle systems are a cost-effective solution that increase efficiency, improve working conditions, and easily scale to match your growth.


Conveyor & Sortation

Whether you are conveying individual products, full cases, or pallets, we can recommend the appropriate equipment, technology, and material flow layout. Our engineering team designs conveyor systems using 3D modeling tools, allowing you to visualize and simulate how your final system will operate.


Exacta Intralogistics Software

As an independent integrator, we offer complete, scalable warehouse software solutions that can also be implemented as separate components. The Exacta software suite can interface with other systems as well as be implemented as a complete solution to your business needs.

Our Seminars & Sponsored Event:

Automation ROI: How to Score Success with Projects Big and Small

Changes in consumer expectations have increased the pressure brands face to maintain service level commitments. Consumers want in-stock inventory, next day, free shipping and free, no-hassle returns along with excellent customer support. Today, companies across the globe are feeling the pressure and wondering how they can compete with global big-box ecommerce giants. To stay in the competition, they must ask where and how to automate, making the question not “should we automate?”, but “how much should we automate?”.

Join Bastian Solutions’ system integration experts as they discuss how to score success with automation projects both big and small. 

GTP vs. AGV vs. AMR: Simplify the Alphabet Soup of these Cutting-Edge Automated Technologies

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Michael Marcum

Engineering Manager,
 Autonomous Vehicles
Bastian Solutions

Ron Daggett

Vice President,
Technology & R&D
Bastian Solutions

Chris Morgan

Senior Director,
Bastian Solutions


The future of automation is happening now. With the onset of the COVID pandemic in 2019, the time you thought you had to consider your options for automation is gone. What you need now is extreme flexibility and scalability. In today’s complex market your operations need to be able to respond quickly. GTP (Goods to person), AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) are transforming the way manufacturing and distribution centers operate. Giving your operations a competitive edge, increased efficiencies, safer and optimal product handling, modular and creative applications, all while reducing or eliminating downtime. The market is complex but making a decision on automated versus autonomous solutions doesn’t have to be.

Join Bastian Solutions experts as they discuss GTP vs. AGV vs. AMR technologies. Our experts will present the who, what, when, where and why of choosing automated technologies and how to leverage those simple questions to untangle complicated operational challenges and evaluate your investment opportunities.



MHI Young Professionals Networking Event

Monday, March 28 | 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM


Unwind with the MHI Young Professionals Network at our meet & greet networking reception. Network and connect with other young professionals in the material handling and supply chain industry. Pre-registration is not required to attend this free event — just wear your MODEX 2022 badge.




As a Toyota Advanced Logistics company and member of Toyota Industries Group, Bastian Solutions is proud to work alongside our sister companies to provide the largest, most diverse portfolio of material handling products and services along with the largest support network in North America. 



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