Kardex Compact Buffer | Vertical Buffer Module

Combine High Density Storage and Goods to Person Efficiency with a Vertical Buffer Module

The Kardex Compact Buffer is a Vertical Buffer Module (VBM) that introduces an adaptable, space-saving solution for storing a wide range of small-to-medium sized products combined with automated bin retrieval to create an ergonomic and efficient goods to person solution. This goods-to-person system is modular and scalable for easy integration and increased operator performance.

The Kardex Compact Buffer (formerly LR 35) is ideal for order picking, order consolidation and assembly kitting. Compared to conventional shelving, throughput can be increased by up to 200%. Additionally, it’s lightweight construction enables high energy efficiency. As an independent integrator, Bastian Solutions experts use a data-backed approach to identify ideal options that deliver a fast ROI and support your operational objectives.


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How It Works

The Kardex Compact Buffer is an enclosed bin-based storage solution that utilizes a scalable shelf system with movable mast to move the bins in and out of storage. The enclosed system ensures valuable items are protected inside, improving inventory control by securing access. It uses just a third of the energy needed for comparable systems.

To use the Compact Buffer (formerly LR35), an operator stands at the ergonomically designed picking station and controls the system from an easy-to-use touch screen. Bins are presented to the operator at 20-degree angle, ensuring goods within are easily seen, retrieved or stored. A rotating gripper with telescopic load handling devices moves bins and trays.

Ideal applications include supplying assembly sets for production, buffer storage for assembly areas, or order fulfillment operations with high levels of slow-moving parts in stock.

Similar to other goods to person options, the Compact Buffer can be integrated with additional picking and conveying technologies – pick to light, conveyors, goods to robot – for a more fully automated order fulfillment solution. 


Features & Benefits

Fast & Efficient

  • Precise, simple, and fast order picking using pick-to-light systems
  • Eliminates walk time and searching for storage locations
  • Reduces picking errors by providing access to a single bin at a time
  • Ergonomic picking station design reduces operator strain

Flexible Integration

  • Modular and scalable design
  • Up to four access openings can be fitted to end face, right side, left side of unit
  • Can manage bins and trays of different sizes
  • Fast development and delivery times
  • Easily adapted to existing infrastructure
  • Easily connects to conveyor

Cost Savings

  • More efficient use of warehouse labor
  • More process security, equals fewer quality costs
  • Goods are delivered just-in-time due to higher-density on-site storage reducing the need for off-site inventory 

Green Logistics

  • Lightweight construction for high energy efficiency
  • Energy efficient (uses a third of the energy of comparable systems)
  • No energy recovery necessary

Unique Environments, Storage Conditions

Four optional controlled environment solutions available:

  • Temperature-controlled
  • Dry atmospheres
  • Clean room
  • Fire protection, explosion protection, and controlled gas concentration



  • Width: 6' 3.6" up to 34' 4.8" (1.92 -10.47 m)
  • Depth: 7' 8.4" (2.350 m)
  • Height: 9' 10" up to 39' 8" (3 - 12 m)
  • Maximum storage capacity: 3,300 bins or trays
  • Maximum total load: 138,981 lbs. (63 tons)



  • Standard bin size: 15.75" x 23.62" (400 x 600 mm)
  • Maximum bin size: 17.32" x 25.20" (440 x 640 mm)
  • Maximum bin load: 77 lbs. (35 kg)
  • Individually designed Kardex VBM boxes (640 x 440 x 140 mm) available
  • Boxes can be divided or adapted using transverse and longitudinal dividers


To find the most effective storage and piece picking solution, it’s important to consider:

  • Facility size, layout, and infrastructure (ex: slab thickness and obstacles to build around)
  • Potential facility modifications
  • Product size and weight
  • Order volume and speed
  • Inventory volume and storage needs
  • Peak-season demands
  • Business growth forecast and objectives




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