Servus Robotic Shuttle System

Mini-load AS/RS goods to person shuttle system for improved order fulfillment

The Servus robotic shuttle system is secure automated storage system for storing small goods and parts in boxes, cartons, and totes. This plug and play solution is ideal for ecommerce or omnichannel order picking, sequencing outbound orders, case buffering, holding parts or kitted parts for production assembly, and more. It is easily integrated into existing facilities and can even be used as mobile, on-site automated storage for construction sites or as a 24/7 delivery and collection station.

Choosing a solution that provides increased visibility and control optimizes the flow of your materials. Its easy scalability accommodates future changes in throughput or storage volume, making it an adaptable solution for any business.

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How It Works

At the heart of Servus Intralogistics’ system is the ARC3 (Autonomous Robotic Carrier Generation 3), an intelligent and autonomous transport robot that can transport any item up to 110 lbs. (50 kg).

The ARC3 is not your average shuttle. As an independently acting swarm robot, the ARC3 is able to deliver its load to any required destination on the track by the shortest path possible.

The modular system can be configured to any unique situation, allowing for the transportation of everything from simple cartons and boxes to custom parts. Customers can choose a unique combination of ARC3 robots, load handling devices, connections, stations, plus route and assistance systems to make their ideal automated storage system.

The loading equipment integrated in the ARC3 allows for independent loading and unloading at any side of the track. With accessories such as articulated robotic arms, hoppers and feeders, turning devices, custom part carriers or special fittings, the flexible transport robot can be adapted to most customers' requirements.


Features & Benefits

Space efficiency

  • Minimized gaps between storage locations
  • Flexible layout — Build grid around pillars and other static obstacles
  • Applicable in low ceiling buildings
  • Decentralized warehousing possible
  • Gain of production space thanks to just-in-time delivery
  • Floor space usable as Servus runs under the ceiling
  • Ease of expansion

Performance as needed

  • 2 or 20,000 drives per hour; one single system, no re-buildings required
  • High performance for eCommerce
  • Automatically adjusted for seasonal changes

Green logistics

  • Energy efficient
  • Battery regenerates during operation
  • Perfect proportion of robots to payload and empty weight

Cost savings

  • Better use of warehouse labor
  • No waste — minimal service is needed
  • More process security, equals fewer quality costs
  • Feedback in real time
  • Excellent total cost of operations

Similar to other goods to person options, Servus can be integrated with additional picking and conveying technologies – pick to light, conveyors, goods to robot – for a more fully automated order fulfillment solution. 



  • Load up to 55 lb. (25 kg), 77 lb. (35 kg) and up to 110 lb. (50 kg) is possible
  • Maximum speed of robots: 6.56 ft/sec. (2m/sec)
  • Dimension of robots: 1.97 ft x 1.97 ft (60 x 60 cm) up to 6.56 ft x 6.56 ft (200 x 200 cm)
  • Different types of load handling devices:
    • Leanloader – the fastest load handling device
    • Smartloader – gently loads and unloads for reduced wear and tear
    • Universalloader – the smoothest load handling device


  • To find the most effective storage and piece picking solution, it’s important to consider:

  • Facility size, layout, and infrastructure (ex: slab thickness and obstacles to build around)
  • Potential facility modifications
  • Product size and weight
  • Order volume and speed
  • Peak-season demands
  • Business growth forecast and objectives



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  • Servus Storage Structure
  • Servus System
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