ExactaWMS | Warehouse Management System 

Your Data is the Heart of Your Business

Having the right tools to manage warehouse operations and a distribution environment is essential for any supply chain professional. The ExactaWMS - Warehouse Management System provides you with a suite of software applications that enable you to customize and view your warehouse system in ways that best benefit your business requirements. Exacta enables you to plan processes within the warehouse to increase operational efficiency

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Modular Solutions to Fit Complex Systems

For complex logistics environments, Exacta features a host of tools to help meet your goals. As your business requirements become more demanding and complex, so do your operations. The modular nature of Exacta allows these advanced applications to be added as needed to address the evolving nature of your business. Start with what your business needs today without worry of adding more features in the future.

  • Modular structure of the software allows a more custom fit to your business operations, so you purchase only what you need now and can add modules later if needed
  • Ease of integration with automated material handling technologies using the Exacta warehouse control system
  • Lower cost when your business rules go beyond standard configuration options
  • No upgrades required to maintain support—you decide if and when an upgrade makes sense for your business

Exacta WMS is modular by design

Benefits of ExactaWMS

The benefits of warehouse management systems in operational performance can be enhanced through integration with material handling automation to reduce the labor required and reduce the cycle time to process items.

  • Increase in productivity and efficiency without adding labor
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase in inventory control and accuracy
  • 24/7 Customer Service & Support 
  • More visibility within the warehouse
  • Enable increased order throughput
  • Scalable solution that can manage changes in your business
  • On time shipments reduce order cycle time

Exacta Portal Provides Business Intelligence

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