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RH Brown: Industry-Leading Material Handling Solutions in the Pacific Northwest

February 09, 2022
In 2021, Bastian Solutions announced that RH Brown Co., a fourth-generation family-owned material handling solution provider, became the newest Toyota member company. We talked to RH Brown Co. President Scott Larsen, who launched system integration and automation offerings after taking the helm as the fourth-generation leader. “With the evolution of the company, our primary focus on our customers hasn’t changed. Our primary focus today is working closely with our customers to identify specific project objectives that are most impactful to the success of their business,” says Scott Larsen.

The Value of WES Software in a Modern Warehouse

February 02, 2022
In these cases, either the host ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system or the WMS (Warehouse Management System) controls inventory and is the brain of the entire warehouse. The WES (Warehouse Execution System), on the other hand, is responsible for controlling the various islands of automation to complete tasks given by the host or WMS system. This might all seem a bit complicated at first. After all, if the WMS is like a brain, why can’t it just control everything in the warehouse on its own? Are multiple systems really better and more cost-effective than one? As I will explain below, a WES can greatly improve operations where automation is involved in many ways.

3 Key Factors in Goods to Person Throughput Design

January 26, 2022
From a mechanical standpoint, a goods-to-person system certainly can attain the tote delivery rate advertised on a vendor’s website.  However, these advertised rates do not consider the primary determinant for the throughput rate that is actually realized at a goods-to-person work station – the pick cycle time.  Read: Key Factors in Goods-to-Person Throughput Design

Software and Automation for Third Party Logistics

January 19, 2022
The need for third-party logistics companies (3PLs) has grown significantly over the past few years. In fact, Third-Party Logistics Warehouse Benchmark Report noted that 85% of 3PLs experienced order growth in 2021. With the increased demand for ecommerce fulfillment and varied distribution channels, more and more companies do not wish to manage the varied distribution expectations. Realizing these challenges, many of those companies are now looking to experienced 3PLs to provide the logistics.

Solving India's Complex Supply Chain Integration Challenges

January 11, 2022
This decade has seen the most dramatic shifts in technologies, especially in the adoption of digital transformation. Every department in the organization has developed its unique way of digitization to connect with its buyers. With this, the nature of supply chain challenges faces a new level; the distribution centres across India have a boost in SKUs, which requires handling throughputs with minimal error. On the other hand, customers are much aware of the processes and seek real-time tracking, which organizations often fail to understand. Let’s take a look at the challenges and potential solutions.

Top 5 Benefits of Pick to Light Explained

January 05, 2022
Pick to light has become a staple of warehouse distribution and order picking. Here are the top 5 benefits. What if there was an easier, automated way to locate these items? Say, when you want to find an item a beacon of light illuminates to direct you to the appropriate aisle, and then another beacon of light illuminates to get you to the correct shelf, and eventually the exact location on the shelf.

Warehouse Safety Clothing: Top Comfortable, Durable Options to Wear Onsite

December 29, 2021
No matter what industry you are in, kicking off a new year is a popular time for work resolutions and reflection. The benefits of reviewing warehouse processes and safety guidelines, in everything from lockout/tagout procedures to safety clothing, cannot be overlooked. What better way to start the new year? When working at a warehouse, distribution or manufacturing facility, personnel must balance different priorities and considerations such as safety, professionalism, and utility. To meet those considerations, onsite personnel must find clothing that helps them perform their job functions rather than be cumbersome and interfere with tasks. With numerous gear options to choose from, I talked to our team about their preferred onsite clothing choices. Below are some of their top recommendations.

6 Ways to Maximize Your Warehouse Software Support Plan

December 22, 2021
Who Needs Support? Everyone. Simply put, any warehouse software system with automation should require a support plan with immediate access to technicians to troubleshoot critical issues. Downtime for fulfillment operations quickly adds up to lost revenue and the ability to restore operations is critical, especially for systems that rely on heavy automation. Without dedicated support, operations will be at the mercy of their software partners existing backlog. Priority is given to the customers with current support contracts. This can lead to long response times, and an inability for partners to commit to resolution dates for those without contracts in place. If critical issues do pop up that can be expedited, they typically come at a very high hourly rate for the effort. Don’t get caught in a tough situation. Here are six details worth knowing about warehouse software support plans.

A Few Points to Remember When Palletizing Bags

December 16, 2021
Putting a bag on a pallet and conveying it is a simple enough concept; however, the variations in product must always be kept in mind if you want to prevent product damage and misaligned pallets. Here are five points to remember when using bag palletizing systems... Read More >>

4 etapas para avaliar e decidir sobre a Automação DC

December 14, 2021
Se seu centro de distribuição cresceu em ambos os SKU e o volume de pedidos e seu pedido típico mudou de varejo para vendas de comércio eletrônico, resultando em solicitações maiores de pedidos pequenos, é possível que sua produtividade de separação não seja adequada. Você também pode estar com dificuldades de encontrar mão de obra para enviar pedidos rapidamente e cumprir os acordos de nível de serviço. Esses são apenas alguns desafios que grandes e pequenas empresas de todo o mundo estão enfrentando enquanto se adaptam às mudanças de mercado e mudam as operações de atendimento para cumprir as últimas demandas do comércio eletrônico.

4 pasos para la evaluación y la decisión de la automatización del centro de distribución

December 14, 2021
Si en su centro de distribución ha crecido el número de SKU y el volumen de pedidos, o si el pedido típico ha pasado de las ventas de retail a las de comercio electrónico, aumentando las peticiones de pedidos más pequeños, es posible que su productividad de picking no sea la correcta. Además, es posible que tenga dificultades en la contratación de mano de obra para despachar pedidos con rapidez y cumplir sus acuerdos de nivel de servicio. Estas son solo algunas de las dificultades a las que se enfrentan empresas grandes y pequeñas de todo el mundo al adaptarse a los cambios del mercado y pasar de las operaciones de servicio de pedidos a las últimas demandas del comercio electrónico.

Continuing to Lay the Foundation for Female Engineer Success

December 06, 2021
December 6th marks a significant day of remembrance for Canadians. On this day we reflect and express gratitude to the women who came before us and paved the way for women in engineering and other STEM careers. No sense of gratitude would be complete without acknowledging the obligation that we feel to future generations. It is because of the women before us and their perseverance that we are here today, doing what we love. Today, women make up about 22 percent of engineering undergraduates, according to Engineers Canada. Of licensed engineers in the country, women account for 13 percent. Since 2005, applications to Canada’s engineering schools have tripled, according to Ontario Network of Women in Engineering (ONWIE), showing that continued growth is encouraged by the development of an environment that promotes and supports diversity and inclusion.
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