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Scallog goods to person order pickingsystem

Goods to Person: What Works Best, Where and When? [Infographic]

Matt Kohler & Bailey Ludlam | 23 March 2022

The question for today’s modern warehouses is no longer when should we automate, but how and where do we automate for the best impact?

From high-density cube or grid-based solutions (like AutoStore) to dynamic solutions with mobile shelving and autonomous vehicles (like Scallog, Tompkins t-Sort or Caja Robotics), or more traditional shuttle and racking or crane-based solutions (like Servus or ADAPTO), goods to person technologies combine automated storage and retrieval with accurate, ergonomic picking processes that accommodate a wide breadth of order fulfillment configurations.

To help sort through these cutting-edge offerings, we’ve created a quick visual guide to understanding the basics of goods to person systems, including the different types, their benefits and important factors to consider.

Click to access the full-size infographic.





Author: Bailey Ludlam, Matt Kohler

Bailey is the Brand Marketing Manager at Bastian Solutions, based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. She has a bachelor’s degree from Washington College and 10 years experience working in marketing and journalism. Outside of work, Bailey enjoys spending time with her husband and two children and can usually be found hiking, running or creating with LEGO bricks. 

Matt Kohler, Bastian Solutions Director of Applications has been with Bastian Solutions since 2005, after receiving his degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Missouri - Columbia. The applications team at Bastian Solutions prides themselves on thoroughly understanding their customer’s unique needs and then tailors a solution that gives those customers a competitive edge in their business.  


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